This is worth writing about… this machine is amazing! Jack and I drink a smoothie almost everyday, and most days I put spinach in it because it is the only way to get something green into Jack. There were only so many smoothie options my blender was capable of making, so I started researching a Vitamix blender. I was blown away by the price, so I did research to see if it was worth purchasing ( AKA I posed the question to my Facebook friends). Everyone unanimously said it was worth the high price tag, and it was "the best invention ever." I went to Bed Bath and Beyond (20% coupon) and used a gift card and I BOUGHT one. It was the most expensive kitchen item I have ever purchased, but truly, it is AMAZING. It can do everything. Since purchasing, I have made green smoothies with a variety of ingredients. It blends everything perfectly. Yesterday I made a apple, cucumber, water and spinach smoothie/juice… both Jack and I loved it. Today we made a spinach, water, mango and pineapple smoothie/juice… again delicious. I found a great website that lists the "formula" for great green smoothies: How to Make a Perfect Green Smoothie. I can not wait to put this great machine to more use and experiment with everything it can do!