Dry skin problems!

I don't know if it is Dallas, pregnancy or just me, but I have had the worst dry skin EVER. I slather my skin with the thickest face creams, and pile the Aquaphor on my lips-- but nothing works! I was at Whole Foods awhile back and I decided to try the all natural skin products. I was looking for a face oil and a lip balm. After years of battling greasy skin, I laugh that I am purposely buying oil to put on my face- I must be getting old. I settled on Mad Hippie Face Oil and Waxelene for my lips. Both are amazing!!! The oil smells great, and doesn't make you feel greasy and oily. It absorbs quickly, and works wonders!!! Waxelene is better than Aquaphor (which is saying a lot) I use it on my lips, but their website lists a long lists of other ways to use it. Both are affordable, and easily found at Whole Foods!