Life with TWO

Nora was born April 18th, so she is approaching 3 weeks. Life is very different! My mom was here for almost one month--which was amazing, but she left yesterday. I am trying to continue to get out of the house as much as I did before she was born, but it takes at least double the time to get both kids moving. Jack has been very sweet, he gives her many kisses and says a lot of "No cry Nora". I think for the most part, he doesn't pay much attention to her. Living in an apartment is definitely challenging-- I no longer have a driveway to pull into. I have to put Nora in the stroller just to get to the elevator, and Jack has to follow closely to us so he doesn't get in the way of the cars speeding through our parking garage. I must say the UppaBaby Vista stroller is the greatest thing ever. I mostly use it as a single stroller, but occasionally I add the second seat for Jack. Below are some pictures!

The Vista stroller with second seat attachmentΒ 

The Vista stroller with second seat attachment