"Fewer, Better Things"

One of my resolutions for 2015 is to write on my blog more. It makes me happy, so I am going to find time to do it. Another resolution I have is "Fewer, Better Things". This is the philosophy of a great company, Cuyana. They have the highest quality in everything they sell and believe you don't need excess of everything just good quality items- basically quality over quantity. I love this philosophy and want to adapt it. I look in my closet and see an overflow of super cheap, low quality clothes. Or in my living room, an excess of cheap plastic toys. All of which will get some use, and then are quickly forgotten about. It is time for investment pieces. 

I am slowly starting a new wardrobe- much to the dismay of Dan. I try to only buy items on sale, but they are still pricer then Target/Old Navy. One of the best places I have found to get great, high quality clothes, shoes and purses is TJ Maxx. LOVE IT! I buy all of my James Perse and Splendid tee-shirts there, for a fraction of the cost. The colors are technically last season, but like I care. The best part about this new high quality lifestyle thing, is all of the clothes last through many washings... unlike my cheap items and since I am spit up on at least once a day, this is very important. It takes awhile to start anything from scratch, but from this point on I am going to focus on quality items, and try to leave Target shopping for EVERYTHING else.

I am trying to roll this philosophy on to what the kids play with as well. This Christmas they got SOOO many gifts. I mean, SOOO many. It is time to go through everything and donate what we no longer need. It is clear, after going through some things already, that small trinket-y toys are not needed. The investment toys that we got are well worth the extra money that they cost- and will last forever. Nora received a great winter jacket that will LAST, and a pink retro kitchen (well, Jack has taken that over right now) that will stay with her for years. Jack got a Melissa and Doug train set , Pottery Barn train table,  Melissa and Doug shopping cart- which he uses as a race car and a bunch of other Melissa and Doug items. I love Melissa and Doug, such great quality and such a reasonable price. It took awhile, but I now know how to do Christmas with two kids without coming home with a bunch of "stuff" that is quickly out of sight out of mind. I think next year, each kid will get one investment gift, a few smaller ones and the rest will go to that ever so exciting college fund, Dan is so proud :)