My Art Closet

Mom guilt is a real thing, anyone can tell you and it can sneak up in the most unexpected ways.  Mine is in the form of art supplies… let me explain…

Nora loves art, her teachers tell me, I see it at home and she will scream bloody murder being pushed down the art supply aisle in Target when she cant touch everything. Loving art is great, what isn’t so great? Drawing on the walls, floors and clothes. As you can guess, this is what Nora does… all the time. It is such a problem, that I can no longer keep any art supply out without careful monitoring. This is a huge pain; I am at the point of locking everything up until I have the energy/desire to take it out for a supervised coloring time. I feel terrible and guilty about this, because I want her to do what she loves, and I want her to learn how to use everything appropriately.

Currently I have everything jammed in a cabinet, and it takes forever to find everything we need. The crayons are mixed with markers and paint. Part of the reason I never want to take the time to get everything ready is because it is such a process to find everything.

So… mom guilt won (like always) and I cleaned out the art cabinet. Now things are easy and convenient to grab, which makes my life easier and Nora’s chances of coloring a million times more likely.

Some recommendations I have after going through this tedious process:

  1. Invest in crayons that don’t break easily, like these or these. I found so many pieces of crayon that are too small to hold and of course just end of in Nora’s mouth
  2. If you use play-doh, get the tiny travel size ones (they are also great for taking to restaurants!). This way when tops aren’t on properly, you aren’t losing that much
  3. Watercolors and toddlers are not that bad! They clean up easily, and it’s a good way to start learning about color mixing. However, only paint on THICK paper!!!
  4. Find containers for all of your supplies, and only get supplies you will use. The more organized and easy to grab, the more likely you will use them. I used an old utensil holder that I had in the garage... it works perfectly to hold all the crayons, pencils and markers. 

Now that I am all organized, I promised myself that I will take the time to color with both kids at least a few times a week. Hopefully soon I can let Nora do it on her own… because shockingly, coloring is not always my idea of a good time, and coloring is supposed to be a prefect quiet INDEPENDENT activity :)