For My Small Footed Friends

I hope this post serves you well, my small feet buddies! I feel like I stubbled upon the jackpot... some may have already known about this, but I JUST learned about adults buying kid shoes. I am not talking about running around with a picture of Thomas the Train on my tennis shoes, I mean saving real money on legit labels! 

The basics ( as explained to me by the Nordstrom KIDS shoe sales associate) if you wear a women's size 6, you can wear a big kid size 4 ( which isn't even the biggest size) if you wear a women's 7 or supposedly 8, you can get a children's 5. I have my doubts that all women 8's would fit in kids shoes, but in rain boots, I bet there is a good chance! Below is some research I did for kid shoes I would be proud to wear, especially because they are basically HALF the cost of almost the same women's shoe.. Just click on the link to be taken to the shoe. P.S. I bought Navy Hunter Rain Boots in a kid's size 4, and they fit perfectly-- the height is great too :) So, if you wear a women's 6 or 7, check out the kids department (without shame) and save some money!