Affordable Art

I love art, I mean, who doesn’t? I know what I like, and of course most of what I like is almost always way out of my budget.  However, being out of budget is rarely a roadblock for me—I love the challenge of getting what I want for a fraction of the price. You have to be creative, and open-minded but usually you can come close to the exact item you want.

Below are a few examples of what I am talking about…

I love Gray Malin; he is a fantastic photographer that I have mentioned before. He takes the most basic of backgrounds and completely changes them with his brilliant creativity. The picture that I am basically obsessed with is from his Prada Marfa series. The print of I want is out of my budget, so I was on a mission to recreate it the best I could on a budget. I was very lucky to have a friend visit Marfa, Texas and snap a picture of the mock Prada store that stands alone in the desert. I had my friend send me a high resolution copy of the picture, sent it to Walgreens, printed a 11X14 print for $10, bought a $20 frame from target and voilà fantastic art—close to what I originally wanted for a fraction of the cost.

My advice to you is take pictures on your own, or have friends take pictures when they travel and ask for the prints. It is a fantastic way to have one of a kind art that once framed looks like a million bucks.

My kids love to paint (this is good paper and paint), when I am up for it, I will let them! However, they are always painting at school. Some of the things they bring home go straight into the recycling (don’t tell) but some are perfect for framing… and there you have it… free modern art! I keep some of my favorite art pieces from my kids, find a nice frame and instantly you have what appears to be “real art”. FYI- this is also a fantastic gift for grandparents.


I also recommend checking out Etsy. There are tons of fantastic art pieces that you can download and print yourself—that cost usually around $10-$20. Then all you do is frame, and you have again found a way to save a few bucks.

My last piece of advice is look through old art of your parents, friends, thrift shops, etc. and if you somewhat like them, take them/ buy them for cheap and reframe them yourself. It is amazing the difference a decent frame and can do.

I will splurge for beautiful art pieces eventually, but I am not there yet. Until then I will keep finding ways to make my own!