Holiday Cards from Tiny Prints

I am not the person who sends out holiday cards, in fact I have only done it twice. The first time was my first holiday as a married couple and the second was Jack's first Christmas. Other than that... nada. This does not make my friends and family very happy with me. They always send the best cards, and they get nothing from me. NOT THIS YEAR! I have searched the web, and found the best looking holiday cards around. I strongly recommend Tiny Prints. All of their cards are unique and very good quality. Below are some of my favorite cards to choose from, including a sneak peak at my own card that I just ordered!

Currently Tiny Prints is offering up to 40% ( ends 11/22) off and free shipping on their holiday cards-- so get to it! However, if you miss this deal there will be a great Black Friday deal where EVERYTHING will be 40% off-- and they have amazing gifts as well!

I recommend spending some time checking out the Tiny Prints website. They sell so much more than just paper goods. There are many cool gifts to find-- we all know personalized gifts are perfect for grandparents-- hello picture books-- at 50% off! Something that I would love to receive as a gift this year is personalized stationery... not sure if this makes me old, but I think it would be pretty cool... it would make me feel fancy.

Here is the card I went with this year. Now, before anyone accuses me for favoring one child over the other, I should mention these were the ONLY decent photos I had of the kids, and Nora's looked best on the front :)


Some other favorites...