A Clean Closet

I almost lost my mind today when I went into my closet looking for a particular shirt. It was a freaking mess- I mean, so bad. I like my rental house for many reasons, the closet is not one of them. I share a tiny closet with Dan and it has not been working well. I decided today was the day I was finally going to do something. After I put Nora down for a nap, I went to work. It was a huge job, and I wondered if it was really worth doing but now that it is over- I love it! All in all, I donated a large bag of clothes and accessories, threw a bunch of crap away and moved a lot of items to more appropriate places in the house. The one thing I learned was I love scarves more than I realized- I have a million, and l love them all- I could not part with even one :) It seriously feels so good to be organized, for at least a couple of hours!