We eat so much yogurt in this house. By "we" I mean Jack and Nora. They especially love yogurt drinks. I am all for giving them what they want, but the current yogurt they eat/drink seems rather high in sugar and has recently been recalled for one reason or another. I came across a fun new site Mom Nom Foods while surfing around on Instagram. It was like fate- the company had a recipe for drinkable yogurt for kids on their Instagram page. It was such a simple, clean and fast recipe that I made a large batch and will give it to both kids for the next couple of days. I made a few changes- I added some chia seeds and a squeeze of agave for extra sweetness. Here is the breakdown:

2 cups plain yogurt, about 1-1.5 cup of almond milk ( I used an almond/coconut milk but any milk is fine), a large handful of frozen strawberries, 1 Tb of chia seeds, 1 pitted date for sweetness and a squeeze of agave. I threw it in the VItamix and done. It makes enough for nearly a week. 

The main ingredientsΒ 

The main ingredients 

The final product- yum!

The final product- yum!