Summer Book Club

I realize to be in a club you need more than one person, but I like to convince myself that I am in book club so I actually READ. I must say that I am enjoying reading and I have a long list of books I hope to get through before summer's end.  I think my five day vacation with no kids will be my only hope of making that a reality.

I started off reading Primates of Park AvenueThis book gained notoriety when they popularized the notion of "wife bonuses". Essentially meaning as a SAHM you were awarded a determined amount of money by your husband if your performed well ( managed the household budget, got your kids into the "right" schools,etc.) The book is mostly fun to to read, and there were times it really made me miss living in New York City. It was crazy and entertaining to hear about the richest of the rich living in NY and how their lives seem like parody of a Real Housewives show. I found myself skimming it after awhile because it felt repetitive.  I would definitely recommend buying it if its $5 or under on your Kindle :) Or just watch Odd Mom Out on Bravo- the concept is similar and the show is freakin awesome. 

I just finished my second book, To Kill a Mockingbird. I am really putting myself out there on this one. I know if a certain English teacher or art teacher are reading this they just fell out of their chairs or had some type of visceral reaction. I KNOW, its a crime that I never read this book until now, however there is a positive.. I don't know if I would have understood and enjoyed it as much as a teen. This book, as many of you already know is simply brilliant. It was so beautifully written that I really read each page and hoped the book would never end. I had not felt this way since I read Bridge of SighsI understand why people read it over and over again... there is so much to dissect you need a few rounds with it! I don't know if I will read Go Set a Watchman for a couple of reasons, 1. I worry Harper Lee never wanted it to be published. Whatever her reasons were, I trust them 2. I worry it will ruin Mockingbird for me... clearly I have big decisions to make, to read or not to read :) 

Below are books on the summer to read list...