What do you DO all Day??

Oh, the times I have asked that question about stay at home moms.  I thought it must be all TV watching, bon bon eating good times. I was never going to stay at home with my kids because I would lose my mind. I remember counting down the seconds until Monday morning so I could return to work and surround myself with “real” people again- no offense Dan, you are a real person, I was referring to our children—no offense to them either.  It was not until we moved to Dallas that I was “forced” into being one of those moms. I was very nervous for the move, for numerous reasons but at the top of the list was my fear of not working. How was I going to keep my mind active? Meet new people? Feel human??  Be independent???

The transition was remarkably OK :) It took awhile to realize that Monday morning was not the beginning of the week. Monday was the same as Saturday now, and that took some adjustment. Jack and I had to get to know each other all over again- there was no escaping each other. That was hard at first, but then it became easier--dare I say enjoyable. By the time Nora was born, I had the SAHM thing down. I knew to remain happy I still needed outlets. My outlet was no longer going to work, it was meeting other SAHMs that were like minded to myself (sarcastic, not too serious, laid back and engaging), luckily I found a very good group of friends that have all but saved my life here in Dallas- I really love them!

I won’t lie, I thought not working might isolate me from my working friends. Did they think I was simple minded now? Lost my edge? Not able to keep up with conversations? This of course did not happen, my friends both working and stay at home are way too fantastic for that it be an issue but it was a definite insecurity I went through.

When I think about going back to work, it will be difficult because I know what I will be missing. I used to think the grass was NOT greener and I would only be happy being at work. One day I will go back to work, and I will love it like I once did. However, there will be a part of my heart that will hurt for the fortunate days that I was lucky enough to stay at home with my two beautiful, sweet little monsters.