My Favorite Grab and Go Items for Kids

I would love nothing more than to ditch the "mom purse" but those days are nowhere in sight. I have, however, completely ditched my diaper bag. Which was a very liberating experience, I must say. I keep my mom purse well stocked with some simple go to items, that don't take up an absurd amount of room. 

Below, I listed my favorite items that keep my family working like a well oiled machine while on the road. I know it looks like a lot, but I put most of the snacks in my Lunchskins reusable pouches- the velcro on these are second to none! The mini Larabars and Bitsy's Brainfood cookies are a relatively new discovery- I LOVE them. The bars have at most 3 natural ingredients and the cookies are jammed packed with greatness... the kids love both. I found Bitsy's cookies at Target, if you have any trouble finding them, just click on the picture below :)