Being a Transplant...

I am from California, I love California, I am a California Girl.  You can only imagine my shock, devastation and disgust (no offense) when I heard we were moving to Texas. I asked my husband, Dan, “Well, is it at least Austin?” I was informed, no, it would in fact not be Austin it would be Dallas. Dallas? I could not believe it… I didn’t have huge hair, bedazzled jeans or use the common slang y’all… how was I going to fit in?

I remember the day like it was yesterday. I was sitting at my desk at work, I used to be a school counselor before the move.  I was digesting and processing this huge change ahead of me. I knew I would not be working in Texas, so I felt lost. How was I going to meet people? Other mom friends? How do people do this? I decided right then, I was turning this bad boy into lemonade and Googled “ mom groups Dallas” and waited for whatever popped up.

There it was… a group. I had never heard of Meetup, I am the last person to meet anyone online… I never did online dating so this was brand new to me.  The Meetup group was called “Transplant Parents of Dallas”. Are you kidding me? Did someone jump into my head and know my exact demographic??  Clearly I clicked on the group and within five minutes I was a full-fledged member set up with a profile picture and all.

Now that I was a member, I had to do something about it when I arrived in Dallas.  Once we arrived to the Lonestar State I decided to RSVP “yes” to my first Transplant Group Meetup . It was at the Nordstrom E Bar Café at Northpark mall (which is by the way AMAZING).  I arrived early and found the event organizer who happened to also be the group organizer and founder of the Transplant Group. Her name was Alex; she had a tiny baby girl and was the coolest freakin’ girl ever. She moved here from NYC and we instantly hit it off. She was so welcoming; it was the first time since the move I had hope. Hope I was going to be OK. She said she chose the Nordstrom E Bar Café for the location of the event, because no matter how homesick you are, all Nordstroms look and smell the same so there is a comfort about it. That is SO true and I totally agreed.

That simple coffee meetup changed my life… dramatic I know, but true. Alex introduced me to a few others and quickly strong friendships were developed. I went home that day and told Dan how much I like these new women. I wanted to contact Alex so badly to say, “please be my friend!!” But I had to play it cool… should I implement the five day rule? Email her right away? I didn’t want to look too desperate… so I waited. Then it happened, she emailed me! The rest as they say, is history. Through this amazing Meetup group I have made life long friendships, not Texas friendships… lifelong. Our kids have grown together, more babies have been born, and we are there for each other in a way you can only understand when you have no family nearby to lean on. I am so thankful for this group, these women and dare I say Dallas. I think, no I know, that I am officially a California girl living in Dallas and secretly enjoying it. I am a transplant, and in damn good company. 

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