The Great Escape

We did it! Dan and I successfully managed to get away form our darling children for 5 nights... it was incredible. 

Many months ago, we bid on a trip to Mexico at a charity fundraiser and won. I knew this was my only chance of vacation-- convincing Dan we were only going on a trip to be good, generous people. This vacation took more organizing than planning a wedding, but it was well worth the effort.

Last week we flew from Dallas to California to drop the kids at the grandparent's house, and then we flew all the way back to Cancun the next morning at 5am. I must say the early flight was rough, but not having two kids made it practically a breeze. We landed in Mexico around 4pm, and as soon as we touched down, vacation mode started.

For the next five days, we did nothing… really, we did nothing. Our biggest adventure consisted of taking a ferry to Isla Mujeres The highlight of this day trip was Dan got to drive us around the island in a golf cart- he was in heaven. After Dan “toured” us around the island, we grabbed the most delicious nachos of our lives, then and set up camp at beautiful North Beach. It was a great break from the resort, but all that traveling (one hour) left us exhausted and we had to recover at the pool/beach for the rest of the trip :) Dan is not as good as I am at sitting at the pool/beach and doing nothing. I literally sat on a lounge chair and read an entire book cover to cover in one day. To compromise our differences, we decided to hang at the “party pool”. This meant that there would be games for Dan to participate in while I sat in one spot… all day… and had food and drinks brought to me.

The trip went by all too fast, but we were ready to see our sweet babies again. We are so lucky to have grandparents who not only agreed to watch the kids, but loved every second of it. We would be lost without them.