Back to School- Preschool Edition

I guess it's that time... August, back to school shopping has begun! I am writing this post on the early side because a few of my recommendations need to be ordered ahead of time due to personalizing or monograming. Below are my suggested back to school items for kids in the preschool age range-- basically ages one-four. 

                           All of our gear...

                          All of our gear...

1. Labels: Lets start with the most important-- LABELS... label everything. Kids lose EVERYTHING, and if it has a name label on it, you have a slight chance of retrieving it. I bought my labels at Name Bubbles. I really like this company- they make high quality, durable labels that ship FAST. You can choose a wide range of color and sizes. They don't peel off in the dishwasher or washing machine- a huge win. If you find yourself needing labels in a hurry, you can always go the route of getting these write your own labels that work almost as well!

2. Water bottles and milk thermoses: Finding a way to transport liquid to school without it spilling all over your car or your kid's backpack is a must. I have tried MANY different water bottles, and I finally found what I think is the best: Nalgene water bottles. They are a good size, practically leak proof and come in cute enough colors. As for milk, this was tough! If you choose the worng thermos you will have milk spilled all over... lets just say your car... lets just say I have been there and my car smelled like rotten, sour milk for a week... ugh. The thermos I find to leak the least is Foogo.

3. Sleep mats: Most likely if you have a young child, they will need to bring a sleep mat to school, for nap time. I had never heard of a nap mat until I was required to buy one. There are tons out there, and I found a fantastic store on etsy. I wanted a thick mat with a pillow and blanket- this is Etsy shop, Aliie's Nap Mats makes the best! She is local in Texas and you can personalize your mat and have it within two weeks. 

4. Backpacks: SOOO many to choose from! I like a backpack that has water bottle pouches on the sides. Here are my favorite :) 

5. Lunchboxes: Again, so many!! My favorites are below! I use a LunchBot inside the Lunchbox. I love that they are stainless steal, and you can easily toss them in the dishwasher. I use small silicone cupcake molds to divide up sections to keep lunch organized :)

6. Sales on back to school clothes: 

1. Gap, 40% off order

2. J.Crew Crew Cuts- Extra 40% off final sale items

3. A few items I found on sale that are soo cute for girls and boys...