A Simple Bathroom Facelift

I live in a rental house, which I really like. However any changes I would want to make to the house need to be superficial, AKA no breaking down walls for us. I try very hard to keep my house clean, organized and clutter free… no easy feat for living with two very active little kids. For the most part, I keep the house under control. However my master bathroom is an embarrassment. It is the stomping ground for all things messy and disorganized.  I have always wanted beautiful a spa like retreat, but when you use your bathroom for potty training and bathing two kids, that is a dream that quickly disappears. Don't judge, but below are the "before" pictures

I decided to go for a cheap “facelift” that would give the illusion of a grownup elegant bathroom, but functions well for a full family.  I had to get creative, which was actually very fun!

My steps to de-clutter were very simple. I cleared a shelf in my closest (the closest is in the master bathroom) for all the products I use daily, so they could be taken off the counter. Then, I headed to the best store EVER… Home Goods, and bought a few decorative and functional items. Lastly, I bought a few plastic soap dispensers at The Container Store to put shampoo and face wash in. I used my favorite Name Bubbles to label the bottom- pink is my shampoo, blue is for Dan :) The rest of my time was spent reorganizing and having fun…

A breakdown of my favorite products, which I think are worth having: 1. California Baby Bubble Bath- this is more expensive than others, but you need a tiny amount and it makes your whole bathroom smell like a day at the spa 2. Sprouts Shampoo (not pictured) this is, in my opinion the BEST shampoo for kids, especially babies with cradle cap. It was the only product to totally clear up Nora's. 3. Thymes Body Wash… all of them smell amazing. 4. Waxelene, I think it is better than every other product for chapped lips, feet or elbows. 5. Chanel Lip Gloss, not cheap but nothing but perfection. NO globs, stickiness, just wonderful and great colors! 6. Last, but not least Rosebud Salve, this is a old classic of mine. When I want a simple glow on my lips or face I will dab this on and it is perfect—be sure to put excess on elbows.

The problem with reorganizing one room is stopping... I am now on to my kitchen :)