The Poor Man's Madewell



I love shopping at Madewell. It wasn't until recently that I fully discovered the store and now I pretty much want everything in it. The simplistic quality of their clothes is what I want to live in. Being a stay at home mom I want cute and casual. That being said, the store is not cheap and to buy everything I want would be a bit excessive. 

I have a fun Facebook page, Amazon Finds where I post good deals, or products I love. I thought it would be fun to put an Amazon list of Madewell inspired clothes for a fraction of the cost. Nothing in the store is more than $100. Through this fun project I discover the brand, James and Erin- it is legit! Inexpensive, and quality material.

If you love Madewell, or just love cute everyday clothes, have fun checking this out!

Amazon Finds Madewell Cheat Store

Also, a link to some of may favorites from Madewell (you can see the similarities!)