August 14, 2015

  1. The pit of this week was Jack's nasty asthma. I am still learning about asthma, all I know is I hate it. Jack is lucky in the sense that colds are the only thing to bring on an attack. He had a TINY cold, he has had WAY worse, however this tiny cold brought on a big asthma episode. Lucky for us we didn't end up in the hospital again, but it was NOT fun...
  2. Our first Dallas baseball game... fun, but HOT. The Rangers played the Giants-- the Giants were cheated. If you go to a day game at Rangers Stadium, sit in the right field, you have shade, which is a necessity, especially with two small kids. We ate a lot of ice cream to stay cool :)
  3. I had my first giveaway on the blog. It was really fun, and went perfectly. I teamed up with Bluue Bird Etsy shop to give away a fantastic necklace. She is offering all my readers a 35% discount, using the coupon code: FRESHPURESWEET. I already purchased two more bracelets!
  4. I LOVE my new cookbook, 100 Days of Real Food. The recipes are delicious and simple, I really hope to use this as a guide for meal planning. It is so much more than just a cookbook, I really recommend it!
  5. The Target dollar bin is obviously amazing- no secret. However, one find for us was fantastic pre-K workbooks. They are just at the right level for Jack and he is really enjoying them. For $1 they can't be beat... buy a bunch!
  6. It is so hot here in Dallas, our favorite inside activity is dress up. As you can see Jack is ready to work, and goes around fixing EVERYTHING in this house... entertains him for at least 30 min.

August 7, 2015

Well, there have been better weeks...

I was supposed to be in Chicago as I write this, however I am still sitting at my desk in Dallas. Let me explain...

Every other year my best friends from college and I plan a reunion. We change locations for the get-togethers, but really the location doesn't matter, since all we just sit around drinking wine and catching up. This year we were headed to Chicago, until life took over and changed our plans.

One of the core members of my reunion group was facing her own personally tragedy. Her father was very sick, and getting worse. He was now in hospice, and she clearly could not leave his side. We all talked and decided to postpone the trip until we could all be there with open minds and hearts. Unfortunately about five hours after we decided to postpone the trip my dear friend's father passed away. Of course this was devastating and her loss is unimaginable, but I would like to write a bit about what her father meant to me...

He was larger than life. I don't say that lightly, he really had the ability to command a room with his huge heart and contagious kindness. When he would visit for a parents weekend in college, he would take ALL of us out to dinner and spoil us with anything we wanted. He spared no expense to make sure all his girls were taken care of. If his daughter loved us, he did too.

I felt his love when I moved to New York City. His daughter and I moved to The City after college-- we were so excited and didn't care that we had no money, no jobs and no place to live! He must have thought we were crazy but instead of crushing our dreams he helped find us a safe apartment with a doorman. A doorman was of course out of our budget... so he picked up the excess rent. Anything for his girls to be safe. 

He watched over us in NYC. Took us to dinner, lent us his car, let us sit by his pool, and of course shared his Costco purchases with us :) You name it, he was there. He took me in as a second daughter and told me so often. When there was a special occasion he would send a dozen red roses with one white rose symbolizing his daughter, well now he was sending two white roses-- I was family. 

He was a jeweler... the best one in NYC. Everyone knew him and loved him. I could not wait for the day to come when I finally got to get to wear some of his jewels... more specially diamonds :)  When the day did come, and Dan proposed, I of course had one of his diamond rings slipped onto my finger. It was gorgeous and exactly what I wanted. Anything for one of his girls to feel beautiful. They say a diamond is forever, and that may be true but when I look at my beautiful diamond ring I will forever be reminded of his love and amazing soul.

Its funny, when someone passes away you can still hear their voice. I can hear him laughing, I can see him sitting by the pool and I can feel the love he has left behind to all that knew him. I will miss him, but I know his beautiful memory will live on in all his girls...

This is right after I received his gorgeous diamond ring :)

July 31, 2015

The pit of this week is the same as last... I got that annoying cavity filled. It was a reality quick procedure, but the anesthetic was no joke. Apparently it is a whole new ballgame numbing back teeth, The whole right side of my face was numb for at least four hours. I looked especially attractive when I put lipgloss on, and it was all over my mouth and I had no idea... not my best look. 

Besides my dentist excitement, life has been pretty uneventful... I am really enjoying blogging and continue to learn more and more about it everyday. I have figured out that I have SO much to learn, but I am not totally clueless either. I can actually talk VERY basic code- I know, I am basically Steve Jobs. Overall, this blog has been so much fun for me and continue to want to add and redesign as I learn more! My newest addition is below-- a newsletter, sign up! Still figuring it out, but FUN!

In other fun news, the kids and I took a little trip to the Flight Museum. If you live in Dallas, this place is a must. I will write about it more next week (I am going again Monday). I honestly love everything about it-- the history, the volunteers, the fact it is almost always EMPTY so kids can run freely and of course the fun play area. 

I also wanted to mention that this week was a turning point for Jack and school-- he is excited about going and mostly doesn't cry during drop off. He gets a bit anxious walking into the classroom, but at least it doesn't turn to tears. This is SUCH a relief from the drama that was a few weeks ago...

I thought I would finish this week with what I have my sights on... my Christmas list is growing at an unhealthy rate... 

July 24, 2015

Here we go again with another "Peach Pit"...


It is not hard to find the pit of the week. I went to the dentist... had a cavity... enough said.

Best score for Nora... Mini Melissa shoes... they smell like jellybeans!! They are on sale at Nordstrom Rack!

Rediscovering the Forest Feast has been amazing! Such a fabulous cookbook- or coffee table book- or present. Just get it, you will LOVE it! 

Riding bikes with the family has been so great! We strap Jack and Nora into the bike trailer attached to Dan's bike and away we gooooo....

My own score... I finally got myself some cute fall shoes... thank you Nordstrom Sale :) Gotta love my throw back with the converse :)

My favorite cartoon series from the New Yorker

July 17, 2015

I have decided to start a weekly series titles, "The Peach Pit". This is not a throw back to 90210, but really who could blame me if it were. This is my chance to write about what was "peachy" for the week and what was "the pits". Hopefully it will mostly be all peachy :) I know this may sound cheesy, but I am a mom to young kids... this is actually how I talk... on a daily basis. Enjoy, and let me know what you think!

That was THE PITS. A big 'ole bump on Jack. He was being a fire engine with another kid- and they collided. Jack said he was fine, but the "fire engine" needed a new wheel...

A great night out with no kids to watch the UFC fight. I get soooo into it, Im screaming with all the guys... I kinda scare myself :)

Discovering the amazing-ness of a matcha green tea latte. I have one in the middle of the day when I need a pick me up, but don't want coffee- which will keep me up all night. Matcha gives me subtle boost in energy... LOVE IT

Splash pad and visting daddy at work. The "peachiest" part was Jack got a popsicle! 

Last but certainly not least, the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale... enough said