August 14, 2015

  1. The pit of this week was Jack's nasty asthma. I am still learning about asthma, all I know is I hate it. Jack is lucky in the sense that colds are the only thing to bring on an attack. He had a TINY cold, he has had WAY worse, however this tiny cold brought on a big asthma episode. Lucky for us we didn't end up in the hospital again, but it was NOT fun...
  2. Our first Dallas baseball game... fun, but HOT. The Rangers played the Giants-- the Giants were cheated. If you go to a day game at Rangers Stadium, sit in the right field, you have shade, which is a necessity, especially with two small kids. We ate a lot of ice cream to stay cool :)
  3. I had my first giveaway on the blog. It was really fun, and went perfectly. I teamed up with Bluue Bird Etsy shop to give away a fantastic necklace. She is offering all my readers a 35% discount, using the coupon code: FRESHPURESWEET. I already purchased two more bracelets!
  4. I LOVE my new cookbook, 100 Days of Real Food. The recipes are delicious and simple, I really hope to use this as a guide for meal planning. It is so much more than just a cookbook, I really recommend it!
  5. The Target dollar bin is obviously amazing- no secret. However, one find for us was fantastic pre-K workbooks. They are just at the right level for Jack and he is really enjoying them. For $1 they can't be beat... buy a bunch!
  6. It is so hot here in Dallas, our favorite inside activity is dress up. As you can see Jack is ready to work, and goes around fixing EVERYTHING in this house... entertains him for at least 30 min.